KTH129 Explosion-proof Telephone

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KTH129 mining intrinsically safe automatic telephone explosion-proof telephone is guaranteed to be genuine KTH129 mining intrinsically safe automatic telephone is an intrinsically safe explosion-proof communication device, suitable for places containing methane and other explosive gas mixtures in coal mining enterprises. use. The shell of this series of mine-used intrinsically safe automatic telephones is made of high-strength ABS anti-static and flame-retardant engineering plastics. The sealing cavity of the circuit board is added to the structure, thereby greatly improving the sealing performance of the telephone. The telephone has very good dust-proof, moisture-proof and waterproof performance. A luminous display is set at the key number plate of the telephone so that the telephone can clearly see the key characters on the number plate when the telephone is off-hook in the dark. When the phone is on-hook, if there is an incoming call, the light-emitting tube on the front panel of the phone will light up, and the pager of the phone will give a ringing tone at the same time. This series of mine-used intrinsically safe automatic telephones can be matched with ground switches and dispatching program-controlled switches that match the input and output signals of DC, ring current, and urgent call through general and mine-used intrinsically safe telephone couplers to form underground production scheduling in coal mines communication system.


Max input DC voltage Ui: DC 50V; Max input DC current Ii: DC 26mA;
Max input ringing current voltage Ui: AC 46V; Max input ringing current Ii: AC 26mA;

Spare Parts List

  • KTH129-JP Telephone Keyboard
  • KTH129-SB Telephone Handle (With cable)

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