KTH108 Mining Intrinsically Safe Telephone

Mining Intrinsic Safety Telephone


MA Certified.

H.S code:851950000

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Product Details

KTH108 mine intrinsically safe telephone

It is produced according to GB 3836.1-2010 GB 3836.4-2010, MT 209-1990 MT/T 289-1992, Q/VCVP 303-2020 standards.

It is a pulse and dual-tone compatible telephone, and the related equipment KTA104 mining telephone coupler and dispatcher or switchboard whose output signal meets the requirements can form a coal mine safety communication system network.

It can be widely used in the environment with explosive gas.

It is suitable for dangerous places containing gas mixture in coal mines. It can be used as a communication tool in fixed places such as coal mining, tunneling face, loading point, transportation lane, substation, water pump room, etc.

It can form an underground communication system with a program-controlled telephone switchboard. . The explosion-proof form of this machine is intrinsically safe for mine use, and the explosion-proof mark is ExibI (150°C)

KTH108 Model Intro

KTH108 Telephone Layout Drawing
KTH108 Telephone Layout Drawing

Technical descriptions

The shell of the telephone is cast with DMC plastic mold, beautiful shape, and high mechanical intensity. The circuit inside is used with an international IC module, with the compatible function of audio and impulse dialing (generally switch is on the audio position), has features of accurate, clear, stable, compact, light, durable, vibrant ringing, good sealing performance, etc.

Rated feeding voltage (V)

Rated feeding current (mA) Ringing voltage (2000, Hz)

Ringing current (mA)

Communication performance

Ringing level

External diameter of Cable


Dimension L×W×H

Weight (kg)

Transmission Receiving


DC/AC58 ≤35 ≤58


10Km artificial line ≤18

10Km artificial line ≤2 ≥80dB 6.5 290×180×90


Usage Condition

  • Environment temperature: -5°C~+40°C;
  • Average relative moisture: ≤95%(25°C);
  • Atmospheric pressure: 80kPa~106kPa;
  • Noise: ≤75dB;
  • The place with the explosive mixture, but without corrosion gas for insulation;

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