6 tips To Operate Filter Self-rescuer ZL60

Coal mining underground Filter type Self-contained self-rescuer

Filter self-rescuer is a special self-rescuer for filtering CO, which is used for external gas with an oxygen concentration of not less than 18% and CO concentration, not more than 1.5%, and its’ protection time is 60 minutes.

The main components of the self-rescuer are filters, which contain catalysts and desiccants that convert CO in the air into non-toxic CO2 and absorb moisture from the air.

Coal miners with ZL60 Filter Press

Working principle:

When people inhale, due to the formation of negative suction lung inspiratory valve closure, the external environment containing CO air,

Firstly air contains CO through the filter in the filter layer, remove dust and smoke particles,

And then through the filter layer of desiccant to remove water vapor, the dried air into the catalyst layer, due to the catalyst layer catalytic action, the highly toxic CO in the air, into non-toxic CO2, the net ratio of air through the inspiratory Valves, oral inhalation of the human body, thus completing the oxygen process. A human exhaled gas exhalation valve.

The precautions:

  • The filter self-rescuer used must be conforming to inhale and exhale resistance, air tightness and other technical requirements of qualified products.
  • Put on the filter self-rescuer, the filter becomes warm, the suction temperature is gradually rising, which proves the presence of CO in the air around, filter self-rescuer is working properly. Inhaled air becomes hotter, indicating the higher the concentration of CO. Cannot be removed because of high suction temperature filter self-rescuer, nor can it is unbearable to heat stolen outside cold air, suffering from CO poisoning.
  • Do not panic while walking, running around in order to avoid shortness of breath, poison filtering is not complete and poisoning, or respiratory resistance increases affect breathing. Escaped from danger, it’s better to walk at the speed of 4 to 5 kilometers per hour.
  • Never remove the filter self-rescuer before reached a safe and secure place.
  • Never remove the mouthpiece to spit out saliva generated during using the filter self-rescuer, can be swallowed.
  • Pay attention that the filter self-rescuer only can filter CO, it cannot eliminate the other poisoning gas, cannot use instead of oxygen self-rescuer, and only be used once.

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