ZH30C Chemical Oxygen Self-rescuer

Chinese MA & KA approved self-contained chemical oxygen self-rescuer with a duration of 30-minutes, which is the most cost-effective chemical oxygen self-rescuer.

Additional information

Product Details


  • It adopts a reciprocating type gas circuit, can generate a large amount of oxygen with low breathing temperature.
  • The initial oxygen generating device adopts a chlorate oxygen candle, which can generate oxygen quickly, safe and reliable.
  • It adopts sheet oxygen-generating agent KO₂, can generate uniform and sufficient oxygen with stable performance and low breathing resistance.
  • It adopts temperature-resistant glass fiber felt and fully enclosed dust-proof structure has good effect for dust resistant, comfortable to wear.

Main specification

Item Model ZH30C (metal container)
Protective duration ≥30min
Inhalation resistance ≤1200pa
Breathing temperature ≤55℃
Dimensions 188×88×159mm
Weight 1.6 Kg
Lifetime In storage 5 yrs
In carrying 3 yrs

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