CD5 Multi Gas Detector

It is one of the coal mine underground portable multi-gas detection and alarm device

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  1. Product description: MA coal safety certification explosion-proof certification; stable performance and accurate measurement.
  2. Sensitive sensor: infrared and electrochemical sensors, embedded microcontroller intelligent chip, can detect the concentration of five gases at the same time.
  3. LCD display: LCD liquid crystal display, also can display the date, time, automatic backlight.
  4. Multiple alarms: intermittent sound and light alarm, under-voltage alarm, adjustable alarm points, and password protection for the main menu interface.
  5. Data storage: 2000 measurement data can be stored automatically, RS485 communication interface, can upload and read real-time data


Gases CH4 CO O2 H2S CO2
Measurement range (0~100)% (O~1000)%x10° (0~25)% (O~100)%x106 (0~5)%
Response time ≤25s ≤45s ≤35s ≤45s ≤30s
Resolution 0.01 1 0.1 1 0.01
Sensor life ≥5 Years ≥2 years ≥5 years
Sound Level Intensity >80dB Dimension 65x125x32mm
Battery Pack 1500mAh(Li-MnO2) Net Weight 0.5kg
Operating Time >10h MA Cert. No. MFA140123
Explosion-proof type Exibd IMb Ex Cert. No. 320140081
Environment Temperature:0°℃~40°C;
Relative humidity:≤98%;
Atmospheric pressure: 80 kPa~116 kPa;
Wind speed: not more than 8m/s ;
Dangerous places with the explosive gas mixture.


GB3836-2010 AQ6207-2007 MT703-2008 MT704-2008MT1084-2008 AQ1052-2008Q/SD 094-2013

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