Coal Mine Electrical Anemometer

Medium and high-speed electronic anemometers for coal mine used to test the wind speed in the underground coal mine

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Weight 6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 31 × 17 cm

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  • Product description: MA coal safety certification explosion-proof certification, read-only display measurement accuracy.
  • Convenient operation: small size, lightweight, microprocessor technology, simple operation, easy maintenance. LED display: 3-digit LED display, digital tube display intuitive, high precision.
  • Long standby: large battery capacity, can work continuously for more than 20 hours.
  • Data storage: data storage can reach more than 100 articles.


Items Value
Anemometer Type Medium and high-speed electronic anemometer
Metering Range (0.5~25 ) m/s
Tolerance 0.3m/s
Starting wind speed ≤0.4m/s
Allowable zero point drift 士0.4m/s
Battery Capacity 1500mAh(Ni-MH)
Working Hours >18h
Explosion-proof type Exib|Mb
Dimension 50x25x155mm
Weight 0.18kg


  1. MT380-1995 Anemometer for Coal Mine
  2. O/SD020-2007 Electronic anemometer for coal mine


Package size (carton) 395×310x170mm
Packing quantity 10pcs
Gross weight 6kg

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